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About Aloetree

Aloetree is named after aloe vera trees.  Aloe is a healing agent and trees are a symbol of shelter and growth.  

We make joyful and modern products for little global citizens that are are green and give back to help kids around the world. 


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Go Wild

GLOBAL CITIZENS We aspire to make a variety products that engage kids in how they can change the world.  Our square-shaped animals tell fun stories about different places around the planet. As a resource to our community Square blog celebrates how kids are making a difference, and gives ideas for kid-friendly campaigns, service projects and fundraisers.  

Organic and fair tradeGREEN PRODUCTS Our products are made with the finest craftsmanship, excellent quality materials, and are sustainable and eco-friendly.  All our products are Global Organic Textile Standards certified 100% organic - which means safer and softer for kids!  FAIR- Our suppliers are pay their workers fair wages and provide safe work environments = sweatshop free and good for the planet.  


Chab DaiGIVE BACK Our mission is to make joyful and modern products that raise funds to combat child trafficking. For every item purchased, Aloetree will donate funds to a non-profit combatting child trafficking. For our first initiative, we partnered with Cambodia in Chab Dai.  They operate an anti-trafficking education, awareness and community building program in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to help at-risk ethnic minority communities. All kids deserve a joyful childhood and by supporting child protection - we can work together to build a safer world for kids!