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JANUARY: Setting Goals

January is about new beginnings, and there’s no better time to talk with your children about the importance of setting and achieving goals. Identifying something you need to be better at and then going after it is a lifelong skill that applies to every part of your life, so why not learn it early?

Goal setting for kids is clearly going to be a little differently paced than for adults, but the basic concept is the same. Be realistic about where you’re going, track your progress, and reward yourself along the way – it’s as simple as that! Kids usually get a kick out of visual aids, like sticker charts or ‘goal board games.’ Check out this blogpost on Simple Kids about easy goal-setting charts for children… they provide some really fun examples.


While we’re on the topic of goal setting – why not set some of your own? Resolving to show your kids that adults, too, need to work at self improvement could help keep you motivated. You can even use a sticker chart if you like, although we at Aloetree Kids find that good lattes or a deserved nap are more enticing rewards at this age. Just remember: as a busy parent, you won’t always reach your goals. Kids aiming to take out the trash every other day or keep their room clean can, most of the time, achieve their goals with persistence, but as you know life tends to get in the way more often as you get older. Be patient and realistic with yourself – sometimes failure teaches us as much as winning!

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