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Our Story

Aloetree is named after aloe vera trees.  Aloe is a healing agent and trees are a symbol of shelter and growth.  


2009 Roots: The Challenge

The roots of Aloetree began when Anbinh Phan came back from an academic research trip throughout Southeast Asia after her second year of law school.  She was alarmed to find out about the problem of child trafficking and how stateless, ethnic minority children in Cambodia were at high risk and the most vulnerable to trafficking into brothels, sometimes even being sold by their own desperate family members.  Reflecting on her own experience as a refugee born in a UNHCR refugee camp, Anbinh felt compelled to get involved. 


2012 Seeds: The Opportunity

In a return trip back to Cambodia, Anbinh learned that there was declining funding for programs to combat trafficking. She loved fun, bright and colorful childrens products and saw an opportunity to create a line of products that could empower kids and families to help other kids and families. She hand sketched the Aloetree square animal characters on scratch paper, made them out of color construction paper, named them and wrote short stories about them. 

2013 Sprouts: The Beginning

As an international trade economist from the U.S. Treasury, Anbinh used her knowledge about fair trade and certifications to start to build a line that was enviromentally sustainable and fair to workers. Anbinh researched certified suppliers and began a series of conversations on workers rights and environmental stewardship.  Aloetree, Inc. sprouted, ran parent focus groups to narrow down product ideas, and sold prototypes at the local Eastern Market in D.C.  With the counsel of Georgetown Law Social Enterprise Clinic - Aloetree became the first Benefit Corporation in Washington, D.C 


Today Planting: Working Together

Today, Aloetree partners with Chab Dai.   For every product purchased, Aloetree will donate funds to a non-profit fighting child trafficking.  We are also developing and building a series of products to further engage kids in changing the world.  Our mission is to make joyful and modern products for little global citizens that are green and give back to help kids. 



Sharing about Aloetree at the Stop Modern Slavery Walk in 2013 with interns Emlyn & Sarah.


Meeting Annie Hilton, founder of Freeset and one of the early suppliers for Aloetree.


Our Partner Chab Dai, conducting an educational training on trafficking prevention in Cambodia